Spread the Love this Valentines day with a Cher-Mere Voucher package. The perfect gift for your loved ones this Valentines day! This year the names of the packages are some of the songs for selection at our Karaoke Competition carded for the 9th of February at Trincity mall.

VP 7 - "Sweet Treat" Back & Neck Massage "Boss Lady" Manicure
VP 2 - "Boss Lady" Pedicure
VP 9 - "Unforgettable Back Scrub followed by "Relaxing" Back Massage
VP 4 - "Champ" Men's Pedicure
VP 6 - "Boss Lady" Manicure "Boss Lady" Pedicure
VP 5 - "Valentine Glow" Facial
VP 1 - "Boss Lady" Manicure
VP 8 - "Boss Lady" Manicure "Valentine Glow" Facial
VP 3 - "Sweet Treat" Back and Neck Massage