W3 - Bridal Facial, Bridal Body Massage, Bridal Pedicure, complimentary eye wax

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90 minute bridal facial is a 2 layer facial, which uses advance equipment and techniques to ensure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, calm, beautiful and radiant.

 Bridal massage is a 75 minute massage with steam therapy to relax muscles, distill toxins; signature blend of aromatherapy oils to tone, calm, rejuvenate and energize body, mind and spirit.  You emerge from this massage feeling beyond cloud 9!


Bridal pedicure includes immersion in aromatherapy oils to soften, relax, purify; exfoliation, cleansing, cuticle treatment, massage to loosen up and unwind stiff muscles, clay mask and warm paraffin dip, polish of choice.