Increase the Power of the Beard !

Increase the Power of the Beard !

Can Beard oils make you beard grow faster? What does a beard oil do exactly ? These are the prevalent questions we most often get from our male clientele or just from the general male public but what does beard oil really do ?  The hair on a man's Mustache or beard is very similar to the hair on his head and as such would require similar care.

          What a good beard oil brings to the table is the conditions for healthy growth. Think of the hair follicles as plants if you have bad soil the plants can't grow properly or as it should so a good beard oil one can say acts as a fertiliser. Making the healthy growth of your beard that much easier to achieve.

           You may ask but can it make your hair grow faster? No nothing can change the growth rate of your hair however what it does do is :

  1. Reduce breakage
  2. Facilitate thick hair growth
  3. Add definition and shine
  4. Adds moisture

        So essentially it's makes your beard  grow thicker and longer over a period of time with continued use. Well what exactly goes into this beard oil ? Good question. Cher-Mère recently released a beard oil onto the Caribbean market. Observing beard growth is on the rise so we wanted to ensure you do so healthily. Our beard oils have a healthy mixture of organic jojoba, sunflower, almond, bergamot bay leaf, tea-tree, moringa and rosemary oils.

Now that you have a proper understanding of what a proper beard oil is capable of fellas it's safe to use. Not forgetting to mention smells great and makes your beard feel silky smooth. You can purchase our Cher-Mère beard oil in any of our spas nationwide!

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