Benefits of an Aromatherapy Seaweed Body Wrap

Benefits of an Aromatherapy Seaweed Body Wrap

If you are looking to renew your mind, body and spirit, then treat yourself to an aromatherapy seaweed body wrap at any Cher-Mere day spa.  This body wrap has several benefits:

 It Exfoliates and Moisturizes - During a wrap, the moisture of the mask as well as your sweat soften and loosens dead skin.  This allows the nourishing vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins from the seaweed to absorb deep into your skin to add moisture and bring vital nutrients to the new tissue underneath.

It Removes Toxins - During the treatment, a warm seaweed mask is applied to your body, followed by a steam tent treatment.  The heat from the steam tent encourages sweat, which helps remove toxins where they can be absorbed by the mask and rinsed away. 

It Regenerates Skin and Restores Elasticity - Antioxidants and essential fatty acids contained in the seaweed wrap help improve the skin's elasticity. It also increases blood flow to the surface of the skin, bringing nutrients that stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells, as well as increase collagen production to tighten the skin and give it a more supple appearance.

It Aids Body Contouring and Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite - A seaweed wrap can help contour the body by helping to reshape and smooth excess skin. The results are tighter smoother skin and improved appearance of any remaining cellulite. 

At Cher-Mere, our Aromatherapy Seaweed Body Wrap begins with a dry scrub, followed by the application of a seaweed mask and steam therapy. This wrap is completed with a massage using the Cher-Mère Body Organics Amazing body butter.

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