Relief in the time of stress ( Massages why get one ?)

Relief in the time of stress ( Massages why get one ?)


In times past I believed that massages are the affluent persons in society. Which involves going to a location they drape you in a robe like on TV and they massage the full body like I saw on TV growing up. This misconception lead to me thinking that it's not necessary to have one periodically as there were other ways to de-stress but there are multiple other benefits to having a massage done periodically not only to de-stress.

Stress manifests itself in the spine and shoulders. That’s right have you ever gotten shoulder or back pain all of a sudden and you haven’t the slightest clue where it came from? You ever thought that might be one of the byproducts of a stressed body? We as humans need to know and understand the signals our bodies are sending us. Let’s say that you have a desk job and you have to sit your desk all day over a period of time the imbalance from sitting would result in back or neck pain. Periodical massages help to counteract the imbalance of sitting all the time.  

Muscle pain ? No problem. Massages  greatly improve blood  circulation which in turn helps to ease some of the pain in the affected area. Did you ever hit your elbow and you had to rigorously rub the elbow to ease the pain?  it's something similar to that effect. Don't ignore your pain deal with it !!

It helps to improve your quality of sleep. Sleep is indeed important for the body to replenish itself daily. Your quality of sleep would contribute your stress levels and energy levels during the day. Having massages periodically increases your quality of sleep a great deal. Not only can massage encourage a restful sleep-it also helps those who can’t otherwise comfortably rest. Its often recommended for persons who have difficulty sleeping to have regular massages.     

It's not only for the affluent !! there are many spas and freelance massage therapists who are professionally trained and affordable who massage you from head to toe. We here at Cher-Mere have many professionally trained massage therapists and our services are affordable. Our massages vary from the neck back and shoulders area to full body. So listen to your body!!

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