Benefits of Protective Hairstyles for Carnival 2023

Benefits of Protective Hairstyles for Carnival 2023

With Carnival 2023 in full swing, many of us are looking for hair styles that are easy to manage and ideal for the short, hectic season.

To achieve this, we explore the benefits of protective styling for natural hair that will allow variety, while strengthening the hair from the roots to the tips.  

Protective styles allow your hair the luxury of relaxation from day to day manipulation. They are designed to retain current hair growth, while facilitating new growth and keeping hair moisturized.  A protective style gives you the opportunity to try something new, while your hair gets a much needed break.

Protective style, may braids, two strand twists, cornrows and buns that are tucked in.  Cher-Mere’s INatural products can be used to hydrate and lock in moisture while styling and over the duration of the protective style. The Inatural line consist of: Leave-In Conditioner; Curling Butter; Conditioning Oil; Moisture Therapy; Hair Booster and Hair Refresher. 

These products are enriched with plant-powered ingredients including olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil, which hydrate, detangle and moisturize your hair, so it looks fuller and healthy.  You can also make this a part of your daily hair care regimen, once you remove your protective hairstyle.

Key points for Protective Styles are:

  • To protect your ends
  • Not be too tight
  • Prevent excessive pulling
  • Protect your natural hair by minimizing strain and manipulation so that your hair may rest.

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