Benefits of Tea Tree Oil to your hair

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil to your hair

Nothing beats overall good health and the state of your hair is an important part of the equation.  To maintain healthy hair takes commitment and a big part of this is Tea Tree Oil, one of the key ingredients in Cher-Mere's Herbal Shampoo, Deep Conditioner and Hair Food (Regular and Tea Tree with Bergamot, which is suitable for all types of hair.   

Derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, this oil can help with skin infections, acne, athlete's foot and other inflammatory ailments, but it also helps clean the hair, keep in strong and reduce dandruff.  With such valuable therapeutic properties, tea tree oil may be the answer to your hair issues.   These days, tea tree oil is luckily found in common everyday products like shampoo.

So what are the benefits of tea tree oil?    Applying small amounts of diluted tea tree oil on the shaft of the hair will help prevent buildup of chemicals and dead skin.  This keeps your hair healthy and moisturized, which can help it grow at its normal rate and prevent it from falling out.

Dandruff is caused by an accumulation of scaly, dry skin on your scalp.  If left untreated, the dead skin buildup could ultimately hinder hair growth.  A shampoo like Cher-Mere Herbal Shampoo, with tea tree oil can provide both antifungal and antibacterial benefits.  This means it will get rid of what's causing the dead skin on your scalp.

Tea tree oil can be an effective way to help with dandruff and get healthy hair, but you should always test it on your skin before use, as it can be mildly irritating to some people.  If you experience a strong allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately.

If you don't have any reactions, start using the Cher-Mere Herbal line as part of your hair care regime.  Visit to order online.

However, it you have an autoimmune condition, are going through chemotherapy, have a genetic disposition to losing hair, or have hair loss associated with aging, tea tree oil may not be able to help with your hair loss.

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