Healthy Tips for Natural Hair

Healthy Tips for Natural Hair

It’s no secret that we all want healthy hair and taking steps towards achieving this can sometimes seem daunting.  The good news is that by simply creating healthy habits, we can be on our way to optimum hair health. 

With a focus on natural hair, here are some simple tips to maintain those curls using Cher-Mere Inatural Hair Products:

Start with the basics

Shampoo your hair at least once per week, followed by Inatural Leave-In Conditioner, which is enriched with shea butter, coconut and moringa to condition and detangle the hair.


Once your hair is dry, apply Inatural Curling Butter daily from roots to ends, to moisturize and re-define curls.  For extra moisture, you can also include Inatural Moisture Therapy and Hair Booster, along with the Hair Refresher to maintain those curls.

Take Care of the Scalp

Massage the scalp as often as needed, with Inatural Conditioning Oil, which helps to strengthen and moisturize  hair.

Skip heat styling

If possible, try styling without heat.  But if you need to use curling irons, do so sparingly.

Trim your hair regularly

Regular haircuts are essential for hair health. Do it every six to eight weeks, to help eliminate those split ends.

Choose protective hair styles

Protective styles including twists and cornrows, give your hair strands a break from manipulation and help to maintain healthy hair growth.  Ideally, you can choose a protective style once or twice a month, to give your strands a little break.

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