I thought facials were for women only……..Boy was I Wrong

I thought facials were for women only……..Boy was I Wrong

Being Gifted a Gift voucher by my superiors at work I was very sceptical I mean which guy goes for facials? However it was one of biggest blessings my face could have ever received.  So ill explain what it’s about for persons with misconceptions. 

  1. There are different types: Yup that flew completely over my head at first. A facial is more of a skin treatment and different individuals have different types of skin therefore it’s not a “one size fits all type of thing” Persons with dry skin have a different treatment from persons with excessively oily skin or acne prone skin.
  2. It’s a relaxing procedure: Facials are Designed so that you have the best environment to relax. You’re comfy, the Aesthetician does whatever possible to make you feel relaxed.
  3. There’s Steam be prepared: Is it getting hot in here ? ...Yup it is. Your aesthetician uses steam on your face for a short period of time, Steam is often used to help facilitate removal of debris, open up follicles and soften the skin for better manual extractions. It also lets the active ingredients in the products penetrate the skin much better. It’’s warm but it's worth it.

4.Extractions are a necessary Evil: The whiteheads and blackhead that sit deeply in your pores have to come out somehow right ? Extractions are a bit uncomfortable especially if it's your first time but it is absolutely necessary if you  want clean pores and a blemish free face and once done by a trained professional it’s not half as bad.  When I saw how many whiteheads and blackheads I had on my face I was shocked and astounded.  

5.Did someone say Massage!!! : Yes if you didn't know there is a neck and face massage included and boy does it feel goooood! It took me to brink of sleep by the time it was finished.

6. Listen to your aesthetician: I Learned quickly to follow the instructions of my aesthetician as i realized that her recommendations were spot on for example my diet and my daily intake of water  when I go contrary to what she recommends I pay for it dearly cause i can see the difference in my face after a period of time.

Thinking about it I was totally deluded in thinking that facials are feminine or for women only it's totally normal procedure like a teeth cleaning or whitening session. If you're a guy reading this understand that your face is the first thing on your body persons identify with. It forms a large part of your physical identity, you should take the best care of it. If you’re female you should get on the train not only for beauty reasons but from a holistic well being sort of thing it's would be greatly beneficial.
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