New Cuticle Creme….. What’s in it ?

New Cuticle Creme….. What’s in it ?

Once again Cher-Mere has formulated a groundbreaking new product which is our new Spa Naturals Aromatherapy Cuticle Creme. We have been working at this for a couple months well and after all the careful formulation and deliberation we are ready it roll it out for you to enjoy !!! Our Aromatherapy Cuticle Creme can be used to moisturize, soften and nourish the cuticles. Hands or toes it's the product you use to promote healthy nail growth !! The key ingredients in our new cuticle creme are lavender, tea tree, and almond and each ingredient serves a specific purpose and has a benefit for the healthy growth and care of your nails and cuticles.

Almonds- Our cuticle cream has a lot of almonds in the form of almond oil. Almonds are rich in Biotin which is one of the B complex vitamins. Biotin is also known as vitamin H. Biotin is widely used as a vitamin supplement by men and women to promote the growth of healthy hair and nails this is why we had to include it in our new aromatherapy cuticle creme. Once the biotin is absorbed it helps to nourish the cuticle and promote healthy
nail growth.

Lavender- The second key Ingredient is lavender. Most people know lavender as a great scented essential oil which can be used for diffusers as a relaxing scent. However did you know that lavender also great for nails? Lavender is another essential oil that is used to moisturize, soften and fortify nail. Besides, this essential oil also helps fight and protect nails from infection to ensure healthy nails. This is also one of the safest essential oils to use on nails directly.

Tea tree - Or “Mr Tea tree” as i like to call it. Tea tree is “old reliable” when it comes to natural oils as it is so widely used and known. Tea Tree in oil form is one of the best natural anti fungal agents you can use. It's used to treat many fungal based skin conditions as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and medicines some which even contain Tea tree !! In our cuticle cream it acts as an antiseptic, anti inflammatory agent to protect bacteria and any fungus that may be living in the cuticles that can
inhibit healthy nail growth.


Other super ingredients include Coconut Oil, Rosemary, and glycerin
These natural super ingredients make our aromatherapy Cuticle Creme a great product for you to try and enjoy. We can't wait to share this product with you !! Stay tuned because this product will be available in our spas and online very soon !!

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