Protective Hairstyles for Carnival

Protective Hairstyles for Carnival

Protective Hair Styles for Carnival

For women with afro-textured hair like us in the Caribbean, natural curls are a blessing but also a responsibility, as natural hair needs extra care.   At Cher-Mere, we help you maintain your hair with our INatural line of products which include the Conditioning Crème; Conditioning Oil; Conditioning Hair Refresher and Curling Butter.  However, protection of natural hair is also important and with the long Carnival season this year, how you style it could make all the difference as well. Here are the benefits of protective hair styles:

  1. Protection from the elements (adverse weather conditions)
  2. Maintenance of moisture
  3. Length retention
  4. Stylish look

Here are some popular protective styles for natural hair types:

Havana Twists stand out and are made from a variety of twists and turns in your hair. It’s a wonderful solution to thick hair! 



Natural Flat Twists are a neat way to add a protective style to your hair repertoire. They resemble cornrows, but are easier, faster and more user-friendly to beginners.  


Crochet Braids are on the top of the list of protective styles to try, as an alternative to traditional weaves.  They are great year-round and also help you secure your existing locks.


Box Braids offer you a good protective style, while adding impressive length to your own hair. They can shield your natural locks while they grow and there is less of a chance that they will damage your hair.

Protective hairstyles for natural hair provide a whole world of opportunities to express your style preferences, while ensuring that your natural hair transitions healthy. These hairstyles will offer you some variety and a high level of protection for your natural hair. Remember to combine this with the Cher-Mere INatural products, as you hit the road for Carnival 2019.

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Footnote - Source: Better Length Hair

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