Stretch therapy.... what’s with all the hype?

Stretch therapy.... what’s with all the hype?

The newest trend in physical therapy is Stretch therapy or Fascial Stretching as it's called in some circles. To understand what is fascial Stretching you must first understand what is fascia. According to Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that wraps and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, and nerves. Stretch therapy relaxes and rejuvenates you a lot better than a swedish massage would.

                      It involves a trained professional adopting firm stances to stretch various parts of your body. It is typically a head to toe full body experience. After which one feels fully rejuvenated and their joints relaxed. Stretching tends to elongate your compressed joints as a result after the session you feel taller and a slight bit more graceful with your movements. Stretching also helps to with your posture, your therapist would be able to tell which areas in your posture would need correcting and help to alleviate those areas.

 Here we see one of our therapists stretching the ankle area. The ankle area is important as any tightness in this area can limit movement and cause pain. 

Here we can see the therapist stretching the leg in a figure four stance notice his technique. 

The therapist then works up the body paying particular attention to each joint. 

A full body experience that leaves you felling relaxed and rejuvenated



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