Tips to treat acne

Tips to treat acne

If you have acne, you know how frustrating those pimples can be. Skin care plays a pivotal role in treating acne and at Cher-Mère, our acne skin care line of products and acne facials will help you treat and manage this problem.

Our Oatmeal face wash is enriched with tea tree oil, passion fruit and cucumber for acne-prone skin.  Follow up with Toner 3 and then moisturize with the Acne Day Gel and Night Care cream for the best results.

Here are a few things that you can do to minimize your acne:

  1. Wash away perspiration after exercising.
  1. Avoid using materials that may irritate the skin when washing your face such as wash clothes or mesh sponges. Use your fingertips instead.
  1. Refrain from using a scrub to minimize irritating your skin.
  1. Never leave home without SPF protection. Try one of Cher-Mère’s day moisturizers with SPF for extra protection.
  1. Leave it be and resist the urge to touch or squeeze your skin! Leave it to the professionals and book in for a facial every 6 weeks.

Cher-Mère offers a variety of skin care and facial products that can help to reduce inflammation and manage acne prone skin. Cher-Mère’shas four day spas located at Robertson Street, San Fernando, Trincity Mall, Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas and Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain. 

We also have a kiosk at Long Circular Mall for the purchase of products and vouchers, along with skin and hair analysis and express waxing services on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Call 285-9053 or visit our website at to purchase products or book your spa appointments online.


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