Using Aromatherapy Oils for Emotional Wellness

Using Aromatherapy Oils for Emotional Wellness

Aromatherapy is an age-old way of treating your mind and body with natural smells.  When you inhale plant-based, essential oils, signals are sent to your brain, which affect your emotions. This is why essential oils are often used as mental health remedies for anxiety and stress.

Here are four top essential oils to help relieve anxiety, which is no doubt a part of daily life, especially in the fight against breast cancer.

Lavender is one of the most popular essentials oil for relaxation.  Inhaling this oil has been shown to reduce anxiety levels, encourage sleep and promote a calmer mind.  You can use a few drops of this oil in a bath before bed.

Sandalwood can be combined with lavender for maximum effect on relaxation and sleep.

Chamomile is also an ingredient in tea for relaxation. Chamomile has been found to reduce generalized anxiety disorder. The antioxidant tea (available at all Cher-Mere day spas), is most commonly used to help people sleep and the essential oil is quite powerful, so you'll only need to use a small amount. 

Rose essential oil has been proven to reduce anxiety and pain, specifically, pain linked to the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.  Try massaging it into the soles of your feet and then putting on a pair of socks.  This can help lessen anxiety by allowing the oil to soak into your skin.

These are some of the essential oils available at any of our four Cher-Mere day spas located at 25 Robertson Street-San Fernando, Upper Level, Trincity Mall, Upper Level, Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas and 23 Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain.

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