Waxing vs Shaving Which is Better ?

Waxing vs Shaving Which is Better ?

The age old debate waxing vs shaving , which is  better? To give an early answer it depends. Everyone’s skin is different and reacts in different ways to both methods and that may mean what works for one person may not always work for  the other but let's break it down shall we ! Let’s list some of the qualities of both waxing and shaving and how both methods differ.

Hair removal:

  • Shaving - Shaving is quite good at hair removing but compared to waxing it is the least efficient as shaving only cuts hair of at the shaft. Your hair doesn’t stop at the upper surface of your skin,  it goes deep beneath the visual surface area and that’s why when you shave hair grows back quickly.
  • Waxing- Waxing is the more efficient of the 2 options as  waxing pulls the hair out from its roots, thus removing the entire strand from above and beneath the skin. As such, it takes a longer time to grow back as opposed to shaving.


  • Shaving tends to be generally the quicker option especially for bigger surface areas like arms and legs. Takes less effort as well.
  • Waxing takes a longer time however sacrificing a little more time for longer lasting effects is a trade off many are willing to take.


  • Shaved areas grow back fairly quickly because as stated before this method doesn’t get rid of all the hair. Growth generally will occur after 1 week .
  • Waxed areas tend to take a while to grow back because as stated earlier the hair gets removed at the root. Hair regrowth can range from 3 weeks to a month for the hair to grow back.

Now that we have discussed the differences in the two methods, here are some benefits of both waxing and shaving.


  1. Waxing exfoliates by removing the surface area of dead skin.
  2. Hair grows back thinner and weaker.
  3. You get a smoother outcome because hairs are pulled from the root.
  4. Lesser risk of cutting.
  5. Wide range of options to use from hard wax to moisturizing waxes.
  6. Lesser risk of hyperpigmentation- This is the darkening of the skin in areas that were shaved multiple times.


  1. Saves time.
  2. Painless (unless you cut yourself ).
  3. More cost effective.
  4. Easy to do yourself.

Now that you have all this info you can now make a decision on what's best for you! If you do decide to start waxing services you might just want to get it done by the professionals at Cher-Mère. We offer waxing services at a very reasonable price. Call us so we can get you started today!

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