Why am I having break outs ???

Why am I having break outs ???

Why am I having break outs ???

Recently I've noticed an increasing number of pimples appearing on my face. One is OK two manageable right ? 3 well we have a problem and by the time i got the 4th one I was on full on panic mode. So I went to my aesthetician at Cher-Mere  to figure out what was going on fast so that I could possibly do some damage control and stop the spread. What I found out was particularly interesting.

                                   Pimples are caused by a combination of internal and external factors. Under the outer layer of your skin there are glands called sebaceous glands that produce oil called sebum, sebum is the body’s natural moisturizer and it's released from your pores and hair follicles. You get pimples when sebum and dead skin cells clog your pores causing bacteria to multiply within the pores. Making it infected and swollen. Given that my sebaceous glands work in overdrive cause my skin gets very oily i was particularly worried but my aesthetician gave me some tips that I could use to help prevent breakouts.

Daily cleansing. We sometimes neglect the need to wash our faces daily and I am surely a guilty party. Cleansing the face removes the excess sebum produced by the skin and thus lessen the possibility of your pores getting clogged with them. For women who wear makeup it’s imperative. Not removing makeup properly can cause regular breakouts because the makeup itself is being trapped in the pores. However do not wash your face with regular bar soap!! Big no no. Pick up a facial cleanser, these are not as harsh as bar soaps and specifically made with ingredients for your face. You can pick up facial cleansers at Cher-Mere though with cleansers for each skin type.

Exfoliate !!!!.Tell those dead cells bye bye! Exfoliation is necessary if your want to rid your face of the dead skin cells that clogs your pores and cause pimples you can do this using an exfoliating scrub which you can make yourself  using regular ingredients at home or purchase one ready made. Either way you'll be better off  with an exfoliating session twice a week. It also helps to reveal the brighter more radiant skin that's hiding below the dead skin layer.

Don’t forget to moisturize. Yup I said it. Time and time again this has to be stressed. How often you moisturize determines how much sebum gets produced by the skin during the day. If your have oily skin like me once your body even gets the slightest indication of dry skin the sebaceous glands starts working in overdrive and its sebum galore!!! Keeping your skin moisturized lets the sebaceous glands know that no further oil is needed. Its recommended to do this twice a day after cleansing the face. However not all moisturizers are created equal you would to talk to aesthetician or dermatologist for them to recommend which is right for you 

I'm telling you all of this to help you avoid the mistakes I've made in facial care. Now you know how you can help prevent unwanted breakouts spread the word! Save a face !!

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