Why Isn’t My Hair Growing? Causes and Treatment

Why Isn’t My Hair Growing? Causes and Treatment

Have you ever felt like your natural hair just isn't growing? It's a common complaint among women with textured hair.  The truth is, unless there's some medical issue that prevents your follicles from producing new hair, your strands are always growing.  So what's going on?  

The issue is not that the hair isn't growing, but that the length you do achieve from growth isn't being retained.  In other words, as you hair is growing, the ends are also breaking off.  Here are some reasons why your hair may not seem to be growing and solutions to these problems.

Your Hair Lacks Moisture - Since the makeup of our hair doesn't allow the natural oils from our scalp to easily reach the ends, we need alternative ways of getting that moisture.  Without it, we run the risk of breakage.   Cher-Mere INatural line consists of a leave-in conditioning crème, hair refresher, hair moisturizing and curling butter to aid in the addition, retention and sealing in of moisture.  If you need someone to have a deeper look, come into one of our Cher-Mere locations for a hair consultation.

You Don't Drink Enough Water - It's also important to moisturize from the inside out.  Drinking lots of water plus keeping up with fruit and veggies will nourish your follicles to promote growth and lessen the chance of breakage.

You Use Too Much Heat - Too much heat too often, especially if not done safely, can also cause hair to be extra dry and brittle.  In addition to making sure your hair is well moisturized before heat styling, be sure to use hair tools with adjustable settings and use cool to medium heat as much as possible.

Your Hand is Always In It - Over-manipulation of your hair - whether it's with your hands or combs and brushes - can cause unnecessary stress, breaking off your fragile ends.  If you find that you're always touching your hair, try wearing protective styles.  Keeping your hair braided, twisted or in a bun for a week or two will force you to keep your hands and hair tools out of it.

Your Genetics - Hair growth cycles differ from person to person mainly due to genetics.  So your growth stage may be shorter than others.  But as long  as you take the advice above, your hair should grow normally at its own rate.

You Need A Trim - Regular trims get rid of nasty split ends and damage that leads to breakage.  There's no one rule of how often to trim, but doing so at least once every 3 to 4 months, will refresh your ends and keep them healthy.  The more you trim, the less you'll see damage and the less hair you'll need to cut.

Health Issues - If you're doing all of the above, but still feel like your hair isn't growing, there could be some underlying health issues that need to be addressed.  It can be anything from a vitamin or hormone deficiency to scalp issues.  To know for sure, by all means, seek the help of a medical professional.

Now that you are aware of all of these factors which affect hair growth, be sure to check out Cher-Mere's full range of all natural, organic hair products by visiting www.chermerecaribbean.com or calling 285-9053 to order.







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