Cher-Mère Day Spa Vision and Mission


To share universally the essence of Caribbean beauty and exotica through solution based, eco-conscious, natural, organic, products and services, which provide holistic well-being from head to toe.


Developed by a bio-chemist to produce uniquely crafted solution-based products and services that capture the Caribbean Aura. We utilize natural and organic ingredients that enhance the holistic wellness of our customers - embracing persons of all ages, genders and diversities.

We will continuously create a customer experience that speaks of excellence beyond measure and that tells a story of proven results.

We are dedicated to being eco-conscious in the ingredients, packaging and processes that we use in keeping with our commitment to move towards a greener self and earth.

Our staff will live the values that we hold dear and we will foster a passionate, committed, fun, rewarding, caring, and accomplished work environment and culture, so that our staff will in turn be empowered to give better than their best one customer at a time.

The Philosophy:

The Herbarium Ltd, THL. believes that within all of us resides everything to live our best life, namely to be balanced spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. At its essence, Cher-Mère's philosophy is about a 'LEGACY OF LOVE’: Love for self; Love for others; Love for the planet. Just like a 'dear mother', Cher-Mère is about helping people to learn to take care of themselves and giving them the means to do so.