Cher-Mere Trinidad

Thinning Hair Moisturizer

  • Thinning Hair Moisturizer

Cher-Mere Trinidad

Thinning Hair Moisturizer

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Cher-Mère Hair Organics Thinning Hair Moisturizer is formulated to minimize the impact of thinning and damaged hair. Enriched with Organic Certified Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut Oil, Protectagen (rice protein), and Vitamin E, ingredients which :

May stimulate hair regeneration, reduce UV damage; soften and moisturize hair;

Boost the markers of stem cell activity and help the natural defense against UV-induced damage;

Is restorative. As sebum production decreases hair can become brittle and weak, Jojoba reconditions the hair follicles and shafts for natural lustre and shine. If sebum production is excessive, hair follicles can become blocked and hair can also become too dry and breakable, Jojoba dissolves excess sebum and allows pores to transpire normally. It can also dissolve sticky residue from hair products and airborne pollutants;

Contains nutrient and vitamin rich Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive for improved hair protection.


Apply to hair and scalp as necessary.