Benefits of charcoal for skin

Recent trends in the skincare industry has revealed a number of great natural ingredients which works wonders for skin treatments. One such ingredient is activated charcoal what is activated charcoal you may ask? it's regular charcoal charcoal that has been heated or otherwise treated to increase its absorptive power. It is now used in many products as a proven detoxifier with applications for skin and hair purposes. This is one of the reasons we have chosen to use this ingredient as one of the products in our fairly recent spa naturals line and it has taken off since launch!
We have decided to let you know what are 4 benefits of using activated charcoal products or your skin.

1.Smaller pores: When your pores are clogged with oil and dirt that accumulate from the atmosphere just day to day life they tend to appear much bigger. When activated charcoal is used in mask form like our Spa naturals charcoal mask it binds and draws out dirt, oils and other toxins from the skin which would cause them to appear smaller.

2. Balances oily skin: Many of us especially us here in the topics have problems with excessively oily skin we highlighted on this issue in an earlier blog you can read it here. What charcoal does is that it pulls the unwanted and excess oils from your skin this can be in either mask for such as our Spa naturals charcoal mask or wash form such as our Spa naturals charcoal wash. Either will work wonders for oil control. Just be careful not to use the mask excessively as it will dry out your skin once a week is just enough.

3. Treat acne: Activated charcoal may be able to help depending on the type and severity of the acne. In wash form it's gritty it can serve as a gentle exfoliant also it will absorb and draw out the toxins on and below the skin also you can try our Spa naturals charcoal scrub which is also a gentle exfoliant that detoxifies the skin.

4.Deep cleanse your skin: As mentioned earlier charcoal cleansers are very effective they reach deep into your pores and remove those excess oils and dirt some are designed to neutralize acidity, some also even have deodorizing properties either way you would best served using a charcoal cleanser such as our Spa naturals charcoal wash.

Now that you’re updated on the many benefits of using activated charcoal products why don’t you try some? You can find these products here or pay us a visit and speak with us further on some of the benefits!